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Note: The following article applies to SMF 2.* and above.

In SMF 2.* and above there is a new feature called Advanced Profile Fields. This feature allows you to add new fields to your users' profiles that can be filled in easily.

The first step to using the Advanced Profile Fields is to enable them as they are disabled by default. Go to Core Features in the admin panel and click on the power button next to Advanced Profile Fields and click save at the bottom of the page. Once you have done so it will look like the below picture.

Now we have the ability to add and edit the existing profile fields. To do so we need to go admin panel -> features and options -> profile fields.

On the top part of this page you can see which profile fields are possibly visible in a default install, here you can also disable any of them you wish or show them on registration by checking/unchecking the correct boxes.

To add a new profile field you need to click on the "new field" button toward the bottom of the page. Once that button is clicked you will be presented with a new form that has to be filled out to enable the new field.

In the Name location you need to fill in the name of the new field, lets use for example Skype.

In the Description box you can put in a description of what the field is and what the users need to input into the box, in this case the users need to enter their Skype username.

In the profile section drop down you can select any of the options, but most would pick "Forum Profile" this is where the users will go to edit the field.

It is your choice if you want the field to show on registration or not to fill in the show on registration drop down, I would rather not show it on registration.

The next option to check or not would be the Show on Topic View, this is what will enable the new field to show or not on the mini-profile next to a users posts.

Next is the Choose Placement drop down, it is recommended to select "With Icons" if the field will have an image to show, which our example will.

The next field to fill in is one of the most important, this is what will actually show when a user inputs their information. In our case for Skype we will put in the following code:

Code: [Select]
<a href="skype:{INPUT}?call"><img src="" style="border: none;" width="16" height="16" alt="Skype" /></a>

The image url in the above example is just an example, you could use that image or another, but it is recommended to put the image on your server and call it from there.

In this example url, it will create a Skype link to "call" someone once clicked and show the Skype image that is linked above

For the field type, you want text, and a reasonable maximum length, I would suggest somewhere around 50 characters, that should be enough for most people.

In our case here, we do not want users to use BBC so do not check the Allow BBC checkbox.

We will not be using an input mask other then "No HTML"

For Privacy, this is up to the admin and what the field contains, in our case "Users can see this field; Owners can edit it" is just fine.

It is up to the admin if they want this field searchable on the advanced memberlist search page, I usually do not check this box.

It is important to make sure that the active checkbox is checked, without this the field will not show up for the users.

Don't forget to save the page once you are finished filling out the form.

When you are finished your form filled out should look something like this:

There are many other ways you can use these fields, the number of ways can vary as much as your imagination can think up ways.

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