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Permissions per board
« on: April 17, 2012, 03:56:19 PM »
In SMF you can have permissions for each board, so different groups can do different things. this can be useful for a board that you want users to be able to reply but not post new topics.

You would first need to enable local permissions for the board, if using 1.1.1* or in 2.0
Admin -> Permissions -> Edit Profiles -> add new name and create the profile then edit it, and then assign to a board when you edit the board.

In 1.1.1* you need to enable local permissions
admin -> permissions -> settings enable advanced by-board permissions

Then you can set the board to use local permissions under the permissions by board tab. Then you can click on the board name to add/change the permissions for each group, these permissions would only apply to this one board. for each board that requires custom permissions you would need to set them manually for each board. In 2.0 you can reuse a permission profile in multiple boards.

There are some pre-made profiles available which you can see in 1.1.1* when you edit the boards permissions in the drop down "apply pre-defined permission profile" and in 2.0 they are shown when you go to admin -> permissions -> edit profiles, those you cant change permissions are the default profiles. These pre-made profiles do not include permissions for any mods that you may have installed, so you should verify that the permissions are correct, it may be easier to create the custom profile instead of using the pre-made so you are sure what permissions are given to your users.

The following links may be useful to read as a follow up to this:
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