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Thanks for your reply Illori, I just tried to install Simple Portal on a test forum I have. (It means that I can make sure all the mods will work okay before I install them on the forum itself.)

I managed to install the shoutbox and recent topics okay, but I was wondering about the recent chapters.
Basically, when a member would post up a new reply, there was an option to select it as a 'chapter' which would then update the box on the left. So then, if someone wanted to read the story with the most updated 'chapter' they could click on that instead.
I think the old Admin said it was part of a custom job, but does anyone have any ideas of possible ways to do this? If not it's okay.

I'll probably add all the hyperlinks in colour later like you suggested, for now I want to try and install the features that won't take that long to do or are easier and don't require going 'behind the scenes' of the website too much.

One last thing, I can't figure out how to lengthen the top section of the website to include the logo I included. Behind the Tome City logo the blue cuts in two, it looks really strange and I can't figure out how to fix it.
some of the colors in the theme are because of a custom image file.

the colors on each board name, seems to be custom coding in the boardindex.template.php. i am not sure it is worth the effort to do that.

for the side bar, simple portal was installed, but any portal mod can do that.

the shoutbox was a mod, i think it may just be a part of the portal. most of the portals have a shoutbox.

Enotify by
do be aware that this mod you installed can cause issues with your server load and may need to be uninstalled if your forum starts to get slow.

if you want someone to do these things for you, then you should look for paid help.
Hi there, I'm an admin on a writing forum called Tome City. Basically I took over the reigns along with my partner as the previous admin disappeared for some reason and the forum fell into dis-repair, and then eventually the whole domain name was taken over.

After a short while I purchased a domain name similar to the previous one, and I was able to get the basic SMF forum set up with the outlines of the old site.

Obviously as I wasn't a moderator or whatever on the previous site, I have no idea what features I need to include back on the site to have it back the way it was before it went down.

There's things like custom message icons I've recently found out about that I need to get back, but there's other things;
- like the board and thread names on the home page are all different colours.
- A recent topic's thread placed on the left hand side.
- The shoutbox being placed at the bottom of the page.
And other small details too.

You can view the original Tome City (by the previous moderator) here: 'Tome City' by 'Overlord'

And the Newer version here: 'New Tome City' by 'New Overlord', 'New Overseer' and 'New Overdragon'

It would really help me out if anyone was able to help me out with this.  ???

Thanks in advance  :).
Modifications / Re: SMF Likes Plus
« Last post by Illori on October 28, 2015, 05:45:47 PM »
the file is attached to the first post of this topic. there is nothing that stops a registered member from downloading it.
Modifications / Re: SMF Likes Plus
« Last post by Garrett on October 28, 2015, 07:38:01 AM »
Can somebody please forward me the like plus download link? I cannot find it, maybe it has been removed or is not visible for this membergroup. If no, then please provide me the download link.

Modifications / Re: SMF Likes Plus
« Last post by debiwebi on October 23, 2015, 11:59:25 AM »
I did install Likes Plus and it appears just fine in Curve, but I noticed my SA Chat bar/window disappears on topic/post pages. It still shows on other miscellaneous pages, such ad in Admin windows, home page, stuff like that.

Too bad! I just need to find out which mod is more important to the members, Chat or Likes (or potentially "Thanks").

That's all, just wanted to get that written down for the record.
Modifications / Re: SMF Likes Plus
« Last post by debiwebi on October 21, 2015, 12:55:03 PM »
i am not going to do all the edits for you, you need to learn how to modify the files when a mod fails to install.

Well, okay, thanks. I don't know the first thing about code, but have in the past been able to fumble my way around without doing too much damage. I'll give it a shot. I've debated dropping my theme because a lot of mods don't work with it. BTW the one you're using here is very attractive and clean.
Modifications / Re: SMF Likes Plus
« Last post by Illori on October 21, 2015, 05:45:00 AM »
if you dont use the core them, then ignore those errors. otherwise you will need to manually install the mod on your theme. if you check the boxes, it will do nothing as the tests fail.

i am not going to do all the edits for you, you need to learn how to modify the files when a mod fails to install.
Modifications / Re: SMF Likes Plus
« Last post by debiwebi on October 20, 2015, 06:15:47 PM »
I downloaded this mod this afternoon. I like it better than a previous one I found because I can edit the language (want it to say "thanks" instead of "like") and it sounds like, from what I read above, I may be able to use it with my Sunset theme.

I tried to install and got the warnings shown in the screen capture below. I haven't read every post in this topic, but from what I've seen I may need to edit some files manually after install? I'm not very technical, but can follow instructions.

I'm just not sure how to proceed from this point with the install. Just check the boxes even though it says the tests failed?

I did see this above:
here you go

Also, should I make the language changes in install.xml or can that be done somewhere else after the install? Such as Modifications.english.php?

I'm currently running smf 2.0.10.

Modifications / Re: SMF Likes Plus
« Last post by Illori on October 01, 2015, 07:37:31 AM »
it is all in install.xml

Code: [Select]
<file name="$languagedir/Modifications.english.php">
<search position="end" />
$txt['likes'] = 'Likes';
$txt['likes_1'] = '1 Like';
$txt['likes_n'] = '%1$s Likes';
$txt['likes_like'] = 'Like';
$txt['likes_error'] = 'Data wasn\'t enough to process the request';
$txt['likes_no_yourself'] = 'You can\'t like your own posts';
$txt['likes_unlike'] = 'Unlike';
$txt['likes_more'] = '<a href="%1$s"  onclick="return reqOverlayDivLike(this.href, \'%2$s\');">more people</a> like this.';
$txt['likes_and'] = 'and';
$txt['likes_one'] = 'likes this.';
$txt['likes_few'] = 'like this.';
$txt['likes_nobody'] = 'Nobody likes this post.';
$txt['likes_popup_1'] = 'The following 1 person likes this post';
$txt['likes_popup_n'] = 'The following %1$s people like this post';]]></add>

<file name="$languagedir/ManagePermissions.english.php">
<search position="end" />
<add><![CDATA[$txt['permissionname_can_like'] = 'Like Posts';
$txt['permissionhelp_can_like'] = 'This permission allows a user to like posts';]]></add>
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