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I'm just not very good with PHP so I kind of getting it where I need it but it breaks something else but I'll keep playing around until I get a definite answer of what I might be doing wrong.  Thanks :)

Sorry I should've been more specific on that.  The image is just a simple mockup to further clarify where I want things to be.  I'm editing the code from the default SMF theme.  I need to know how to move the logo and menu in the default theme to where it is in that screenshot I posted :)

I posted this question over at SMF Support but it's buuuuuusy over there so I'd like to post it here as well.  I'm usually not this impatient it's just that I'm trying to be done with my forum and have it running by a certain date so I'm really hustling to get things in order.

Is there a way to move the logo and the menu (home, help, search etc.) above the wrapper?  This is a general mockup of how I want basic design to be.  Please ignore the links in the menu.  They're there because I was planning on using this design for a different site but decided to use it for my SMF site instead.

I'm running SMF 2.0.4 and I'm just using the default theme as a base and haven't edited much of it yet so it's pretty much still default stuff.

Modifications / Re: Custom Admin Panel
« on: March 16, 2013, 12:53:05 PM »
This mod is perfect.  The admin panel can be a little difficult to navigate but this made it extremely easy.

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